Hayward Phantom Turbo Pool Cleaner 6000B

Hayward Phantom Turbo Pool Cleaner 6000B

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Hayward Phantom Turbo Pressure Side Pool Cleaner 6000B

The worlds only total pool cleaner has finally surfaced! The Hayward Phantom Turbo sets a new standard in automatic pool cleaner performance. It is the only pressure cleaner that automatically rises to the pools surface to skim debris and then dives below to totally clean the pool bottom, walls and steps in continuing cycles. The average pool can be sparkling in under 3 hours with minimum effort.

Utilizing its AquaDrive program technology, the Phantom Turbo harness the power of water, to thoroughly clean every inch of the pool-something other cleaners cannot deliver. Manipulating the precision of its extra wide cleaning path, not only does it pick up leaves, twigs and acorns, it removes particles as small as a grain of sand - now that's clean, however, we've barely skimmed the surface.

  • Turbo Technology
  • Improved performance
  • Improved reliability
  • Remarkable efficiency
  • Faster Cleaning Wider vacuum nozzle
  • Powerful sweep hose
  • Cleans most pools in 3 hours or less
  • Complete Pool Coverage
  • Programmable spin out allows pool owner to customize random cleaning pattern to pool dimensions
  • Larger Debris Pick-up
  • Larger suction inlet
  • Three high-pressure water jets
  • Less Frequent Bag Cleaning
  • Larger capacity bag
  • Easy to remove, clean and replace debris bag
  • Less Wear on Pool Surface
  • Patented AquaDrive Water Jet Propulsion:
  • No powered wheels wearing pool surfaces
  • Easy installation
  • 1 year limited warranty.