Pentair LED Bubbler 100 ft. Cord ColorCascade 580006

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LED Bubbler 100 ft. Cord Energy Efficient ColorCascade by Pentair 580006

Enhance Pools with Color-Changing LED Light Bubblers

The ColorCascade LED Light Bubbler is designed to make pools come alive with stunning color. A vivid mix of color-changing LED lighting and fountian-like water movement will showcase and enhance pool features like sun shelves, steps and beach entries. Their low voltage and minimal water flow requirements make them an ideal, energy-efficient addition to pools, fountains, ponds and more.


  • Energy efficient color LED lights - features 5 vibrant colors and 7 dazzling light shows.
  • Perfectly synchronizes with IntelliBrite® 5g Underwater Color-Changing LED Pool and Spa Lights.
  • Low flow requirements allow for mutliple units per pool.
  • Designed for 2" - 10" water depth.
  • PVC niche provides flush mounting.
  • Cord length available in 100' or 150'
  • Optional IntelliBrite Controller provides fast, easy light control for pools and spas without automation systems.
  • Compatible with IntelliTouch® and EasyTouch® Automation Systems.