Afras Submersible Pump 1/6 HP RS100PE 10101PE

Afras Submersible Pump 1/6 HP RS100PE 10101PE

  • $158.60

Submersible Pump 1/6 HP by Afras RS100PE 10101PE

  • Electrical specification:
    • 115 VAC,
    • single phase,
    • 60 hz.
  • Pump is supplied with three prong grounding plug.
  • Water Temperature Range: Max. 90° F.
  • Operation Position: Vertical.
  • Pump should always be electrically grounded I to a suitable electrical ground.
  • Know the pump application, limitations, power requirements and potential hazards.
  • Install a circuit Breaker.
  • Do not leave pump unattended! If the pump has been operating satisfactory and the discharge flow suddenly stops, stop the pump Do not operate the pump without water l around pump suction.
  • Drain all water from system before servicing. All wiring and electrical work should be done by qualified electrician.
  • Secure the discharge line before starting pump
  • Unsecured discharge line may cause injury.

Do not install or use in explosive atmospheres. This pump is designed to pump only water and not intended for pumping any other liquids. Pump motor is equipped with an automatic reset thermal protector and may start unexpectedly. If flexible discharge hose is used, make sure pump is secured in position to prevent movement. Failure to do so could cause piping to break, pump to fail, etc. Which could result in property damage and/or personal injury.
Always disconnect the power source before attempting to install, service, relocate or maintain the pump. 
Never touch pump, pump motor, water or discharge piping when pump is connected to electrical power.
Never handle the pump or the pump motor with wet hands or when standing on wet or damp surface or in water.
Fatal electrical shock could occur. Risk of electrical shock! Never cut off the round grounding prong. Cutting the cord or plug will void the warranty and make the pump inoperable. The installation/wiring must comply with the latest local code and the National Electric Code (NEC).

Pump Performance
Gallon Per Hour
Model HP 0' 3' 5' 10' 15' 20' 25' Maximum Head (FT)
RS400E 1/6 1200 1050 910 750 560 50 -----


Troubleshooting Chart
Check Possible Problem Doesn't Start Not Sufficient Flow Start W/Out Water Doesn't Stop W/Switch Off Turns Off After Starting Unusual Noise Solution
Is Proper Supply Connected V       V   Check Power Supply
Protector Switch V           Check The Circuit Breaker
Water Level V     V     Adjust Or Modify Water Level & Float Switrch.
Motor Is Short Circuit Or Burned Down. V       V   Chech Resistance Conductance By Tri-Ammeter..
Discharge Valve Is Turned Off   V         Turn On Valve
Performance   V V       Change To Suitable Size Pump
Impurity Locked Impeller   V V     V Remove & Clean Sewage
Mechanical Seal Is Damaged           V Change Mechanical Seal.
Load Current         V   Contact The Manufacturer
Impeller Wore Away Or Not     V     V Replace Impeller
Voltage Variatin (Over 10%)         V   Contact Power Supply Company