Algae Kill (6 Lb) Trichloro, All Clear

Algae Kill (6 Lb) Trichloro, All Clear

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Granular Chlorine for killing the toughest Algae. A fast-dissolving granular, stabilized tri-chlor

  chlorine compound providing over 90% available chlorine. Used for the worse cases of black and

  mustard algae. Caution Tri-Chlor Black Algae Kill is extremely strong. Do not let it sit on the

  bottom of liner pools or colored Pools or you may bleach them out


All Clear Professional Pool Chemicals Tri-Chlor Algae Kill. The strongest blend of stabilzed granular

chlorine available! 99% ACTIVE INGREDIENTS - no calcium residue to scale walls or cause

cloudiness like cheaper calcium hypochlorite based products. ALSO WORKS GREAT FOR