Algaedyn Silver Algae Remover

Algaedyn Silver Algae Remover

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Algaedyn is a most effective concentrated algaecide. Developed after years of intensive research and field tests, its major active ingredient is silver in colloidal form. The silver particles are so minute that if magnified several thousand times, you can see only a haze.

Algaedyn clings invisibly to the pool walls, floor and filter. 
This means that it automatically maintains an effective algaecidal level in the water, because it releases more silver as the silver in the water is depleted.

Algaedyn helps keep filters clean and free flowing. When living algae are present, filters become clogged with a slime which blocks filtration. Algaedyn helps prevent the algae accumulation in the pool and filter, and assures longer filtration runs without the need of frequent back washing.

Just add Algaedyn into the filter, in the lead to the filter, or directly into the skimmer.
Algaedyn is compatible with most other chemicals normally used in the maintenance of swimming pools, and may reduce the need for other chemicals.