Allied Innovations Control 10 min 120V 1HP TF-1TD 910820-001

  • $67.83

10 min 120V 1HPControl Jettub Switch by Allied Innovations TF-1TD

The Allied innovations TF-1TD is a solid state on /off air switch with a built in 10-minute time delay feature. The unit plugs into any standard household wall receptacle. Any 120 volt, 1 hp pump can be plugged directly into the TF-1TD. Pressing; the air button initiates a 10-minute time delay, after which the control automatically tums off. The air button can override time delay and shut motor off prematurely.

Water Level Sensor:
With the installation of the Water Level Sensor, the TF-1TD is inoperable until the tub is filled to the proper level. This feature will totally eliminate pump burnout and water damage in commercial installations.

Ground connections are not shown and vary with installations.