Allied Innovations Control FF-1094TC 910106-007

Allied Innovations Control FF-1094TC 910106-007

  • $188.53

Control FF-1094TC by Allied Innovations 910106-007

CONTROL: FF-1094TC 120/240V 20A W/O BTN
Simple and reliable four function control for any 2 pieces of equipment operated by 1 air button. Control distance up to 150' depending on air button used.
Replacement option for Len Gordon Co:
910006-001 FF-1000TC
910106-001 FF-1094TC

A wiring diagram is provided inside the door of each unit. Diagrams detailing typical installations are shown below . THE POWER SUPPLY LlNE MUST BE CONNECTED TO THE BLACK AND ORANGE LINE PIGTAILS IN THE UNIT, AND THE POWER SUPPLY NEUTRAL MUST BE CONNECTED TO THE WHITE NEUTRAL PIGTAILS IN THE UNIT! Certain models may have more or fewer terminals than shown below.

Input Service Ratings:

  • 120 VAC, 16 A, 1 HP, 60 Hz, 2 wire plus ground or -
  • 240 VAC, 16 A, 2 HP, 60 Hz, 3 wire plus ground.


Maximum Output Ratings for Motor or Resistive Load Only - if two output circuits are used, the combined total of both circuits shall not exceed the ratings noted below:

  • 120 V, 16 FLA or; 240 V, 12 FLA and 240 V, 16 A Resistive.