AquaChek Salt Test Strips

AquaChek Salt Test Strips

  • $10.97

AquaChek White - Salt

Tests for Sodium Chloride with advanced precision

AquaChek White is a unique test strip that simplifies an otherwise complicated testing operation. Unlike other test kits, the AquaChek White strips will give you a specific reading of the salt level in your water.

A proper level of salt will ensure that the generator is able to produce the desired amount of chlorine and keep the water free of contaminants.

From a small water sample, this strip allows consumers and pool professionals to measure levels of sodium chloride (salt) with the highest precision in three to four minutes. Easy and accurate, the AquaChek White test strip measures salt levels from 400-7000 ppm.

Comes with complete instructions. 10 strips per bottle.