Automatic Robotic Cleaner with IntelliScan Technology Dolphin DX5+S

  • $1,092.00

The DX5+S offers advanced cleaning without any compromises. An incredible leap forward from the Dolphin DX4S, the DX5+S offers the same IntelliScan Technology powered cleaner and is able to clean floors, walls, coves, and even tiles of the largest pools.
Pool Cleaner Features
  • IntelliScan Technology analyzes your pool surface to make cleaning as efficient as possible.
  • 2, 3, or 4 hour cleaning cycle.
  • Swivel cable reduces knots, kinks, and tangles.
  • Weekly timer schedules the DX5+S to automatically clean your pool at your convenience!
  • Quick-release dual level filter cartridge.
  • Includes free Pro Caddy and touch control remote.
  • Split brush allows for better handling and deeper cleaning.
  • Features Enhanced Deep Cleaning mode.
The difference is the DX5+S touch remote that offers direct control of your cleaner and an Enhanced Deep Clean mode. The split brushes allow better turning, deeper cleaning, and the elevated floats help your cleaner get as high as possible past the water line. With an included caddy, and 3 year manufacturer direct warranty, the DX5+S is the for the purist that truly wants a spotless pool.