Autopilot Nano Salt Water Chlorine Generator Pool Pilot DN2

Autopilot Nano Salt Water Chlorine Generator Pool Pilot DN2

  • $925.68

Nano Salt Water Chlorine Generator Autopilot Pool Pilot DN2

The Package includes:

  • Autopilot Pool Pilot Nano Chlorine Generator Maifold 94105
  • Pool Pilot Nano Chlorine Generator Power Supply 220V 75041

The Pool Pilot Digital Nano is a salt chlorination system designed for pool or spa water purification.

The system requires a low concentration of dissolved salt (sodium chloride) in the water. The salt concentration level is normally maintained below the taste threshold. The Nano automatically converts the salt into chlorine, which your pool/spa requires to remain sanitized and algae free. The chlorine reverts back to salt after treating the water. Since the salt is constantly recycled, there is minimal loss during a swimming season. However, salt can be lost due to filter backwashing, rain water overflow, leaks, or bather splashing/ carry out.. but not through evaporation.

The Digital Nano is designed to handle the purification needs of residential swimming pools and spas. The amount of chlorine required for proper sanitization will vary based on the pool size and various factors such as water temperature, bather load, exposure to direct sunlight, and special water features.

The water circulation pump must be operating for your Nano to produce chlorine, so run time is one of several key components to maintaining the proper sanitizer levels. Most installations require a minimum of eight (8) hours-per-day pump run time to properly filter and sanitize the water.