ColorSplash LXG Multi-Color LED Replacement Pool Light, 120V, J&J Electronics

  • $237.00
  • Save $63

The Color Splash LXG is a multi-color LED pool light that transforms any in ground pool into an underwater disco.
Pool Light Features
  • LXG LED pool light
  • Multi-Color LED, 120V
  • 7 colors, 5 light shows
  • Up to 50,000 hours of light
  • Energy efficient
  • Three times brighter than 2G model
  • UL listed
  • NOTE: LXG bulbs cannot be used in a pool where other 3G bulbs are also installed.
  • LXG LED 120V Pool Lamp Replaces: 3G 120V Pool Bulb: LPL-P1-RGB-120 and 2G 120V Pool Bulb: LPL-2030-110-2
J&J Color Splash LXG Replacement Multi-Color LED Pool Lights instantly transform any in-ground pool into a custom illuminated paradise with 7 solid colors, multiple color blends, and 5 light show options. Color Splash is a third generation replacement LED pool light that is 3 times brighter than its 2G predecessor. Multiple technology enhancements makes Color Splash lights the highest performing replacement LED pool lights on the market. Save big on maintenance and operating expenses with Color Splash LXG lights. Each Color Splash LXG light offers up to 50,000 hours of maintenance-free use and enjoyment. Plus, this green lighting alternative consumes only 45 watts of electricity, resulting in substantial long-term energy savings.