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Hayward Pro Grid D.E. Filter

  • $639.99
  • Save $60

Hayward Pro Grid D.E. Filter series provides high performance with superior water clarity, efficient flow and a large cleaning capacity for all pools and spas.
Constructed of high-strength PermaGlass XL, a durable reinforced copolymer to meet the demands of the toughest applications and environmental conditions, including in floor cleaning systems. Many pool professionals consider D.E. filtration to be the finest, because it is capable of removing smaller particles than either sand or cartridge filters. Clear water can pass through these openings, but particles as small as one to three microns are trapped during the first pass through the media.
Pro Grid includes a manual air-relief valve and a top-mounted pressure gauge for easy access and readability. The high-impact grid elements are designed for up-flow filtration and top-down backwashing for maximum efficiency. An integral lift handle and low-profile base make removal of the grid assembly fast and simple. Combining these high-technology features and a 'service-ease' design for an unparalleled filtration value, Hayward's Pro Grid D.E. Filter is for the quality conscious pool owner. Recommended for all in-ground pools, these filters are available as 24, 36, 48, or 60 square foot units, depending on your pool size. The 24' is recommended for pools under 16'x32', the 36' is recommended for 16'x32' pools, the 48' is recommended for 18'x36' pools, and the 60' is recommended for pools 20'x40' and above. For new pool and after market installations. Valve is sold separately.