DPD Deluxe Test Kit Taylor Technologies

  • $34.70

The DPD Deluxe Test Kit is perfect for homeowners who want accurate and reliable test results for water and chemical balance.
Pool Chemical Features
  • Pool and spa test kit
  • Accurate results
  • Includes water proof instructions
  • Tests:
  • Free chlorine (0.5 - 5ppm)
  • Combined chlorine (0.5 - 5ppm)
  • Total chlorine (0.5 - 5ppm)
  • Total bromine (1 - 10ppm)
  • pH (6.8 - 8.2) with acid demand
  • Total Alkalinity
The DPD Deluxe Test Kit is designed to give you info so you can keep a properly balanced pool or spa. The test kit gives you accurate results for: free, combined, and total chlorine, total bromine, pH and total alkalinity.