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  • $3.50

Easy Acid is formulated to attack Alkalinity (specifically carbonates) without adding significantly to the overall acidity of the pool water. This means that it will only have a moderate affect on the pH while dropping the Alkalinity significantly.
Easy Acid makes pool water balancing easy by only lowering Alkalinity. Easy Acid is a granular acid designed to make pool balancing easy! This acid will lower alkalinity without significantly lowering pH. Most balancers affect both pH and alkalinity. This creates a problem when you have one parameter of your pool's balance just right, but need to adjust another. This usually involves "see-sawing" back and forth trying to get both pH and Alkalinity balanced - wasting time and chemical. Easy Acid saves you time and money by dropping your pool's Alkalinity while leaving your pH where it should be. And since Easy Acid is granular, it's also much easier to store and handle than regular liquid acid.

  • Water balancer; lower alkalinity
  • Compatible with all types of swimming pools