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Leisure Time Spa Fast Gloss Polish and Cleaner 16 Oz

  • $15.99

Spa Fast Gloss is an incredible new, state-of-the-art sealer, polish and cleaner made from reactive silicones (amino functional fluids).  These reactive silicones actually bond chemically and become part of the spa finish.  Spa Fast Gloss meets the performance requirements of today - durability, depth of glass, water repellency, easier buffing and easier application without streaking or smearing.  The protective coat, unaffected by sunlight, temperature or chemicals will last up to six months on spa surfaces and up to one year on your car or RV.  Excellent for fiberglass and acrylic spas and all water slides. 

Directions for use:  

Apply Spa Fast Gloss to a clean, dry spa using a dry cloth.  Spread evenly to one area at a time with a circular motion.  Allow 30 minutes for Spa Fast Gloss to dry and react with spa surface.  Wipe off residue with a clean, dry cloth. turning cloth frequently.  Repeat if desired gloss is not achieved.