Phoenix Suction 4-Wheel Drive Pool Cleaner Hayward

  • $412.00

The Hayward Phoenix x4 is an upgrade of the straight-forward design of the standard Phoenix with upgraded features you'll love!
Hayward has built this cleaner designed from the ground up to be simply effective. Rubber tire treads, interchangeable throats to ensure a snug fit, and adjustable steering sequences powered mechanically not electronically, support a sturdy and tenacious cleaner. The Phoenix 2x is a dependable cleaner that doesn't over complicate cleaning your pool, the simple design makes corners, wall climbs, and stairs a breeze.
Pool Cleaner Features
  • Multiple pre-programmed steering sequences, to reach every angle of your pool.
  • Robust tire treads and adjustable skirt, to ensure clean contact with your pool surface.
  • Interchangeable throats, for a snug connection and powerful suction.
  • Additional stabalizing wheels, to help the cleaner power up pool edges and maintain contact with the pool surface.
One (1) Year Limited Warranty on Product, see Owner's Manual for a full description of warranty claims and coverage details.