Purity Underwater Acid Wash Kit UAW

Purity Underwater Acid Wash Kit UAW

  • $72.81

Underwater Acid Wash Kit by Purity UAW

  • Removes spots and large stains without draining the pool
  • As easy to set up and use as a swimming pool vacuum
  • Removes white calcium build-up on black bottom pools
  • Complete acid wash capability
  • Soaker pad makes complete contact with plaster for minimal effect to pool chemistry
  • One use pays for the tool!

The Underwater Acid Wash works via a continuous feed of acid from a bottle above water. This tool removes any stains that a conventional acid wash can, with a lot less hassle, time, and cost.

Ideal for small or large patches of stains, it can even be used to perform a complete acid wash when draining the pool is not possible or preferred.

Because most of the acid is used in the chemical reaction with the plaster (due to the complete contact made by the unique soaker pad), pH levels are only minimally affected. Adjustments to pool chemistry are usually not needed for average jobs.

Note: This tool is truly equivalent to a conventional acid wash in the amount of acid it can apply to the surface. Therefore, care must be taken to not apply excessive acid to any one area. This tool should only be used by a trained service professional.