Small Chlorinating Tablets 2 lbs., Hasa

Small Chlorinating Tablets 2 lbs., Hasa

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These HASA SMALL CHLORINATING TABLETS were manufactured for use in erosion type feeders where they are slowly dissolved as the water flows over the tablets. Do not throw HASA SMALL CHLORINATING TABLETS directly into the water. Do not place them in the skimmer. Contact with concrete or vinyl walls may result in staining.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:If the directions for use supplied with the chlorinator are missing or unclear, try 12 HASA SMALL CHLORINATING TABLETS per 10,000 gallons of pool water each 7-10 days. Twenty-four (24) hours after filling the chlorinator, check the available chlorine with a test kit. If necessary, adjust the feed rate so the available chlorine is maintained between 1.5-3.0 ppm. If you are unable to maintain a residual after 3 days, superchlorinate. Superchlorinate and reconnect feeder when residual is below 3.0 ppm. Readjust feed rate to maintain a 1.5-3.0 ppm and the pH is between 7.2-7.6.

SUPERCHLORINATION:The addition of several times the normal amount of chlorinating chemical, is necessary to establish an initial chlorine residual in a freshly filled pool, every 7-10 days during the swimming season, and after special problems, such as wind storms, rain, and unusually hot weather. Fast dissolving HASA Chlorinating Granules or HASA Sani-Clor should be used. Follow superchlorination or shock directions on the label of the product selected. Up to 90% of the chlorine residual may be lost from ultraviolet radiation from the sun. This loss can be greatly reduced when the pool is stabilized with HASA Pool Conditioner. See directions on the Hasa Pool Conditioner Label. Maintain pH between 7.2-7.6. Use a reliable test kit with fresh solutions to check both pH and the chlorine residual.


HASA SMALL CHLORINATING TABLETS are 90% available chlorine.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:Trichloro-s-Triazinetrione ...............99.00%