WinterPill Winterizing Pill for Pools, 5 Pack, AquaPill

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The WinterPill makes winterizing convenient and springtime opening easier than ever. This innovative formula is specially designed to slowly release a blend of four chemicals that preserve your water chemistry and reduce maintenance. The WinterPill is ideal for use with winter covers and safety covers and is compatible with all filter and pool types.

Equipped with a clarifier for beautiful, clear water, a scale inhibitor for buildup prevention, and a stain inhibitor to protect your pool's surfaces, the WinterPill is also packed with natural enzymes that fight contaminants and leave your water healthy and clean. To use, simply pierce the Pill in its designated areas and leave it to float in your pool for up to six months.


Usage Instructions

  • Determine the number of WinterPill capsules needed according to pool size. One pill per 1000 sq. ft. of surface area or 30,000 gallons.
  • Shake well before using. Remove the blue piercing tool from the package. Separate the blue piercing tool from the push-pin. Place the pointed end of the blue piercing tool into the recessed area of the cap. Holding the capsule, firmly press the blue piercing tool against a hard surface until the piercing tool punches through the plastic cap. Remove the blue piercing tool. Hold the capsule over the open skimmer. Using the supplied white push pin, pierce one dot only.
  • Place pill in the water. WinterPill will float and dispense formula throughout the winter season.
  • Remove WinterPill and discard in trash next spring. Replace with SpringPill to maintain clear, healthy water year-round.